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Launched in 2003 in the UK, YOGA Magazine has grown to be the most recognised brand and the hottest selling monthly in the yoga and natural living industry. Each month YOGA Magazine brings to you hot yoga news, yoga features, celebrity interviews and everything that’s new in the world of yoga. The magazine is filled with exciting new yoga techniques and tips for maintaining a healthy body and informative editorials and philosophical stories on how to maintain spiritual health through yoga and meditation as well as yogic concepts and theories.

YOGA Magazine reaches a valuable and dedicated global readership that identifies with our brand and editorial content. Our readers follow the lifestyle we represent of better health and wellbeing through practising yoga and following a natural and organic path. YOGA Magazine is a powerful and growing marketing platform which provides access to a growing consumer group. We offer various advertising options to compose high-impact marketing campaigns that deliver results.


YOGA Magazine enjoys a reputation for dynamic, creative and editorial excellence. Their list of high-profile contributors and an A list of teachers who are regularly featured inside the magazine reads like a Who's Who of the yoga and holistic lifestyle community

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launched in 2003 in the UK

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