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January 2022


Happy New Year 2022! YOGA Magazine wishes all of our well-wishers a joyful, prosperous and a positive year ahead.....

Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

Happy New Year 2022! YOGA Magazine wishes all of our well-wishers a joyful, prosperous and a positive year ahead. I'd like to express my gratitude to our wonderful Readers for the continuous love and support throughout 2021. Our Contributors' role has been crucial in maintaining and enhancing the status of our publication and providing an insightful and enjoyable experience to our readers. We promise to better our role in this partnership. Our New Year's resolution is to do more of everything - impart more yogic knowledge and spread more happiness and good health in body, mind and spirit. Yoga is a profound yet simple practice; it is the adherence to simplicity which proves di!cult for us humans. Mystic and yogi, Deep talks about practising the concept of union with breath, spirit and intention in every aspect of our lives. Vani Linda Bretherton introduces you to the five elements of Ayurveda and guides you on how to keep them in balance and harmony for a life full of positive thoughts and emotions. Mrinali Surve presents a detailed yoga flow for school children aged 3-7 and shares some applicable facets of yoga that young children can easily do for physical, spiritual and psychological well-being. In addition, Faelin King’s yogic journey since the age of 4 will no doubt inspire more children to take up yoga. HIIT Yoga, a concept created by yoga teacher Harriet Smith combines the love for yoga with high intensity training. It is definitely a fun way to get fit and tone up this winter. In the excerpt, The Law of Miracles from the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda provides a profound account of the nature of reality and what is needed to lift the veil of maya —cosmic delusion—that separates human consciousness from the changeless reality. While Rola Tassabheji unravels the timeless and inspiring connection between yoga and animals to an inherent wisdom beyond the conscious mind. YOGA Magazine would like to congratulate Yoga Alliance Professionals on completing 15 years of success and growth into an international organisation, supporting thousands of yoga teachers worldwide to excel in their career path. Melissa Albarran celebrates this journey by presenting 15 lessons from the two founding directors, Dr Brian Cooper and Bruce Mackay. In our nutrition section, do try the healthy and delicious plant-based Christmas recipes by Gaz Oakley and enjoy with family and friends this festive season. I am sure you will find the 7 Ways to Upgrading Your Drinking Water highly refreshing. We present an array of amazing gift ideas to choose from for your loved ones in the What's Hot section. You can also find my continuing columns such as Yoga Sutras and Vedic Astrology and much more.

Let us keep the collaborative spirit alive to better the world through Yoga into 2022 and beyond!

Yogi Maharaj Dr. Malik


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