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June 2022


It’s summer! The sun is out and it is the perfect time to get some natural Vitamin D...

Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

Greetings and blessings!

It’s summer! The sun is out and it is the perfect time to get some natural Vitamin D. This month, as we take in the warmth of the summer, we bring you some amazing ways to take care of yourself and keep yourself feeling young and vibrant like the weather outside.

We teach you how to harness your personal energy or Chi to bring balance and benefit to all aspects of your life. We also show you how energy medicine can help you heal your body and mind and how the neural networks in the brain can connect to your greater self. Jeff Glattstein, on the other hand, reveals to us the power of plant medicine.

This month, Karen Kirkness shares how yoga can bring the entire family together while Caroline Shola Arewa shows yoga instructors how they may build confidence and become a better teacher. Michelle Nicklin talks to YOGA Magazine about the joys of teaching yoga while singer-songwriter Ultra Naté shares her experience of yoga and how it helped her in her journey of personal recovery.

Lena Franklin, the modern medicine woman, reveals how one can harness the power of self-awareness to master one’s reality. If meditation is a challenge, Ashok Gupta illustrates how you can start practicing daily meditation while Hannah Jane Thompson shows how we can use meditation and mindfulness to improve productivity and create a better work-life balance. We also learn from Vani Linda about the 12 laws of Karma Ayurveda.

They say laughter is the best medicine. Dr. Brian Kaplan shows us how to harness the power of laughter to boost wellbeing. Natasha Bougourd talks more on self care as she shows us how we can utilise the time we save commuting by taking care of our mind and body. We also explore the healing properties of plants and bring you a list of the best plants to use for self care and healing.

As the temperatures rise, we hope you embrace the warmth of summer and take good care of yourself.

Warmth and Joy!

Yogi Maharaj Dr. Malik


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