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September 2020


In these uncertain times, we are honored to be part of your life in a regular way through these pages, and we hope that these articles brighten and encourage your days...

Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

In these uncertain times, we are honored to be part of your life in a regular way through these pages, and we hope that these articles brighten and encourage your days.

A highlight of this issue has to be the inspirational talk taken from an online interview I conducted with Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati from her base in Rishikesh, India. Her incredible faith and positivity shine through and highlight the good side of this unique time in world history, while not ignoring its challenges. Getting to speak to this world- renowned speaker and yogi was a special experience and I believe you will enjoy the resulting article.

Also in these pages, Swami Vivekananda’s life and achievements are brought to us vividly by Victor M. Parachin, and Bill Heilbronn continues his great series on the Kabbalah with Reading Between the Lines, truly a masterclass on this time-honored mystic tradition.

Two articles this month highlight yoga’s use as a natural beautifier: Savina Atai’s Lift Your Face provides a step-by- step guide for a wrinkle-free, beautiful face; and in Yoga Poses for that Gorgeous Summer Body Mays Al-Ali shares practical exercises, expertly photographed by Rebecca Maynes, that will ensure your body is at its best this summer.

Master Yogis Ravi Singh and Ana Brett’s Kundalini article is another easy-to-follow guide for a workout that will challenge and inspire. With more yoga teachers moving their instruction online, we are happy to be able to share Caroline Shola Arewa’s 7 Keys to Teaching Yoga Confidently Online. Not only does she outline practical tips, but she shares confidence-builders as well, essential for a successful online practice.

We also include an excerpt from Vayu Jung Doohwa’s book on postural imbalances and how to correct them in the context of yoga. Pip Jackson shares a heartening personal experience on listening to your body in pregnancy and being kind to yourself, lessons we can all relate to, expecting or not. And Marlene Watson-Tara’s recipes and eating tips will go a long way to helping this summer be your healthiest yet!

If you’ve ever wondered about Chair Pilates, Robin Baker is here to demystify it—have a read and see if this might be something you want to add to your routine.

Niraj Naik’s article, Pranayama for Stress and Anxiety, is one that I think we will all be able to relate to and benefit from during these potentially worrying times. And finally, don’t miss out on Manisha Mittal’s personal and encouraging look at Transcendental Meditation as another potential stress buster.

These may be challenging days, but as we all work to care for ourselves and others, we will be able to not only survive them but use them to thrive and propel ourselves forward. I hope this issue of YOGA magazine assists you in doing just that.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

Yogi Maharaj Dr Malik Editor

1st YOGA Magazine

launched in 2003 in the UK

Number ONE Brand

in yoga and natural living industry

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