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Welcome to the September edition of Yoga Magazine, a sanctuary of wisdom, exploration, and transformation. As the seasons shift, our pages are brimming with insights, practices, and stories to enrich your journey towards well-being and self-discovery.


Welcome to the August issue of Yoga Magazine! In this edition, we have curated a vibrant collection of articles that encompass the diverse facets of the yoga journey - from nurturing the body and mind to exploring the profound wisdom of ancient teachings.


Welcome to the July issue of Yoga Magazine. As we embrace the warmth of summer, let us explore the power of intention and the profound impact yoga can have on our lives through insightful articles and practices. May this issue of Yoga Magazine inspire you to delve deeper into your practice, cultivate mindfulness, and embrace the transformative power of yoga. May it ignite your passion and guide you on a journey of self-discovery and growth.


It’s summer! The sun is out and it is the perfect time to get some natural Vitamin D...


Spring heralds a lot of energy and the return of longer sunnier days beckons one to make new plans or try something new; resume aborted plans, projects and dreams and even acknowledge and face one’s fears or negative beliefs. The energy of spring is all about positivity and potential. With this in mind we share with you Kassandra Reinhardt’s energy boosting flow to help you tap into the power of this season. The practice focuses primarily on spinal rotation and lateral flexion; a wonderful way to activate your digestive system and get a boost of energy.


We wish all our readers good health. Taking care of our body and mind must always be our first priority. That’s why this month we have brought you a plethora of resources to help you practise selfcare....

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