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As you know, we at YOGA Magazine eat, sleep, and breathe yoga, and every month we try to bring you the best there is to know in the world of Yoga. This issue is no exception. We are beyond excited to present the September issue where we dive deeper into yogic practices and how it improves your lives....


It feels like summer just began last week and now, lo and behold, it’s already August! As we enjoy the last rays of the summer sun, dear readers, we hope we can inject just a bit of light and warmth into your lives.


For us at YOGA Magazine, yoga is our lifeblood. We are therefore very excited to celebrate the Eighth International Yoga Day on June 21 along the theme of 'Yoga for Humanity'. We are very grateful to our readers, as your support allows us to share our knowledge and insight with you. And on this special day we pledge that we will continue to share all things yoga with you into the future.


It’s summer! The sun is out and it is the perfect time to get some natural Vitamin D...


As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers”, and our gardens fill up with the colours of spring, we look forward to good things to come and our hearts fill with joy and hope.


We wish all our readers good health. Taking care of our body and mind must always be our first priority. That’s why this month we have brought you a plethora of resources to help you practise selfcare....

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