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We wish all our readers good health. Taking care of our body and mind must always be our first priority. That’s why this month we have brought you a plethora of resources to help you practise selfcare....


Greetings and blessings, As we say goodbye to the last of the winter snow and the first blossoms of spring bloom, YOGA Magazine strives to bring a breath of freshness and new hope into your lives as well....


February is the month of love and Yoga Magazine wishes you a month filled with love, both for yourself and for your loved ones. Love begins with self and without love for the self, it is difficult to love others and to let others love you...


Happy New Year 2022! YOGA Magazine wishes all of our well-wishers a joyful, prosperous and a positive year ahead.....


As we wind down at the end of another busy year, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers, expert yoga practitioners and well-wishers alike....


Every month, we feature carefully curated interviews, yoga philosophy, poses and sequences, and everything that’s important in the world of yoga...

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