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I hope you have a peaceful start to the month and thanks for buying or reading this magazine. We really appreciate your support and hope that you discover lots of ideas for your yoga practice as well as your related wellness lifestyle ...


Thanks for buying YOGA Magazine. Our success depends on the support we receive from you.
March beckons the early inklings of spring-time when new and fresh life arrives and blossoms in Nature. It is an ideal month for us too, to spring-clean just about everything – mind, body, environment and spirit.


February is a lovely month and although not derived from yoga, Valentine’s Day is a very special event in the calendar for many people. The 14th of February is as- sociated with love, passion, romance and relationships and I hope that this month of love is a wonderful one for you. In the Indian sub-continent the celebration of love is embedded in the very foundation of its culture and disciplines such as Tantra yoga and this is encouraged the whole year through ...


Welcome to the New Year and I hope that you enjoy reading YOGA Magazine.

We are delighted to start 2019 with a magazine packed with in- formative and interesting features, tips and plenty of yoga, both practical and theoretical. In the coming months YOGA Magazine will cover even more yoga articles and ways in which you can prac- tically apply it into your day-to-day life ...


This month we look at the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit to see whether its use is important for our yoga practice, and with today’s modern technological society full of stimulus and distractions such as social media, it’s important to take some downtime to concentrate on ourselves and retreat from the world, so we show you the options for taking a yoga retreat, whether at home or away ...


This month we feature three Kundalini meditation exercises for improving our prosperity so we can achieve success and a harmonious life, for the benefit of ourselves and others, and there are some excellent yogic tips to help you transition from autumn to winter...

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