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YOGI MAHARAJ DR MALIK is a renowned Yogi with over 50 years of practical Yoga experience and has been teaching it for over 30 years. Born in Kashmir, he started his training under the guidance of Yogis from the Himalayan region when he was only six years old. He also received instructions from masters from other spiritual and esoteric traditions, such as Sufis, Lamas and Sadhus.

Founder and pioneer of Yogology (a spiritual technology), Yogi Malik began teaching this over 20 years ago based upon the ancient traditions and instructions received from his training. The principles upon which this style of Yoga is founded (Laya) have been mostly lost over the decade. His aim has been to reveal, share and teach this unique style of Yoga, which combines principles of Laya, Hatha, Kundalini and meditative practices.

He has spent a lifetime dedicated to researching, teaching and sharing knowledge on the subject matter of Yoga. To archive and share this knowledge, he launched UK’s first Yoga magazine in 2003. Since then he has also been the Editor of the YOGA Magazine, a respected and much loved magazine, based in London, with an extensive international following. He is also a practitioner of related alternative therapies, including Shamanism.

‘Infrared Yoga with Yogi Maharaj’ is a complete wellness programme that he has recently founded. The classes combine ancient yoga exercises performed in an infrared panelled studio. The series of exercises have been specifically selected for their ability to help the body detox, purify and cleanse resulting in noticeable health and wellness benefits.

Yogi Maharaj Dr Malik has written numerous books and hundreds of articles on Yoga and in each issue of the YOGA Magazine he continues to amaze readers with his knowledge in his extremely popular column ‘Ask Yogi Dr Malik’. His authority has led to countless media appearances and he is sought after lecturer at international Yoga conferences and exhibitions. Yogi Maharaj Dr Malik continues to teach Yoga to his celebrity clientele.

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