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This month we take a look at ‘tapas’, the third of the niyamas (personal observances) that can be used to enhance yoga, and we show you what to do when resistance gets in the way of your yoga practice...


This month we take a look at the meaning of pranayama and provide a basic practice and there are some essential tips for developing a transformational home practice...


Welcome to the March issue and I really appreciate that you are reading this letter. Without you this magazine would not exist ...


This month we take a look at the yoga of Savasana, the Corpse pose, a wonderful restorative asana that can be the most profound part of our yoga practice, and there are some expert tips for getting the best out of the pose...


With facial yoga exercises recently in the news we catch up with Danielle Collins, the world leading ‘Face Yoga’ expert to talk about her ‘Method’ alongside the best advice on what foods to eat and some fantastic exercises to help tone the face, reduce wrinkles and encourage a youthful appearance...


With conditions including anxiety, stress and insomnia on the rise in today’s society, we provide some wonderful exercises to help you master relaxation; and we have the best yoga poses to improve digestion, boost immune health and flush out toxins and get you ready for spring...

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